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About Us


Thea McLeod of McLeod Casting is one of Australia’s most prominent casting directors with a wide breadth of work ranging from international films to television, Thea has a passion for discovering and nurturing the next generation of A list actors from Australia and beyond.

Thea spent eleven years in the UK where she was both an actress and a casting director, gaining much experience on an international level for film, television, and commercials. Since her return to Australia, she has been the resident casting director for “Neighbours” over the past 8 years, Other television credits include the highly acclaimed “Better Man” for the SBS network, the controversial telemovie “Schapelle” for Channel Nine, based on the fascinating story of Schapelle Corby and her trial, and “UnderBelly Files: The Man That Got Away” for Screentime, which was a part of the highly successful crime series Underbelly plus “City Homicide” for The Seven Network & “What ever happened to that guy” for Foxtel. As well as many successful Australian Feature films including “Pawno”, “Spin Out”, “Emo The Musical”, “Summercoda”, “Blinder”, “What if it Works”, “The Menkoff Method” & “Measure 4 Measure ”.

Most recently the Feature Film “Pawno”, cast by Thea, was nominated for 6 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Award AACTA Awards: Including Two Best Actor Awards, Best Actress Awards, Best Supporting Actor Award, and Best Supporting Actress Award, recognising the brilliant work by McLeod Casting.

Thea McLeod has cast many A- List Australian actors including Hugo Weaving, David Wenham, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson, Noah Taylor, Robert Taylor, Rachael Taylor, Maeve Dermody, Kerry Armstrong, Angus Sampson, Colin Friels, Josh Lawson, Xavier Samuel, Josh Helman, Rose McIver and the Academy Award Winner Jacki Weaver.

McLeod Casting prides itself on casting A-list Australian talent and discovering outstanding new actors. Thea continues to cast Neighbours and many other feature films & Television productions.


Madeleine is a casting assistant who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Madeleine studied acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, graduating in 2013 before moving to Melbourne where she worked in the casting industry across both television and film at Casting Sugar, Chameleon Casting, 2 Divas now and McLeod Casting. Her film credits in include “Emo The Musical” (casting assistant) and Spin Out (casting assistant), her most recent credits including extras casting/casting assistant for “Neighbours” FremantleMedia.