IndieWire: ‘EMO the Musical’ Exclusive Clip - McLeod Casting
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IndieWire: ‘EMO the Musical’ Exclusive Clip

06 Mar IndieWire: ‘EMO the Musical’ Exclusive Clip

‘EMO the Musical’ Exclusive Clip: Neil Triffett’s Coming-of-Age High School Comedy Is a Tale of Teenage Love and Music

The film, written and directed by Triffett, premiered at Berlinale 2017.

Ethan gets expelled from his private school after attempting suicide in the yard. He ends up in Seymour High, where he immediately makes it his goal to join the Elmo clan and their band, Worst Day Ever. On his very first day at his new school, a group of Christian kids try to preach the word of God to him, but before he can tell them to go away, he notices a cute and innocent girl named Trinity. They immediately fall head over heels with each other and, as odd as they might seem as a couple, they cannot stop kissing in the school’s library.

Written and directed by Neil Triffett, “EMO the Musical” premiered at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival. Watch an exclusive clip below.

After winning a Special Mention at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival for his short film of the same name, Triffett developed the story into full length feature. The film features Australian up and coming actors Benson Jack Anthony and Jordan Hare in the leading roles of Ethan and Tiffany.

In the clip, Ethan auditions to be part of the Worst Ever Band, led by the mysterious and dangerous Bradley (Rahart Adams). Watch below.

Exclusive video link:

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